5 Reasons Why Slate Is More Durable Than Other Roofing Materials


1. Slate is stone

Because it is a natural stone – not man-made – slate is more durable than other roofing materials. S-1 slate is rated to last 75 – 100 years and often lasts much longer. SlateTec uses only the highest quality S-1 grade Vermont slate for their slate roof installations.

2. Slate is fireproof

Slate is fireproof and completely non-combustible because it is natural stone.

3. Slate is waterproof

Because of S-1 slate’s high density, it will not absorb water. A properly installed slate roof will be essentially waterproof.

4. Slate is hail resistant

Slate is highly tolerant to extreme weather and seasonal changes, including the ability to withstand large hail. Independent testing was performed on Class 3 and Class 4 slate using 2“ ice balls traveling at 76 MPH using an “ice cannon”. The test was performed by Architectural Testing of Southlake, Texas for the National Slate Association. Here is a link to the video of the test where the slate survived the assault quite admirably!

5. Fungus and mold resistant

Slate is naturally impervious to fungus and mold and therefore does not need to be treated with any harsh chemicals to obtain this desirable quality.


Simply stated, slate is more durable due to its naturally occurring properties that man-made materials just can’t compete with.


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