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Slate Architects | Natural Slate and Tile roofs with major weight savings.

The beauty of genuine materials with a proven lighter weight system. Guaranteed. As a slate architect, designing a building requires expertise and finesse. It also demands access to the finest and best-fit materials to achieve an innovative and sophisticated end result.

Genuine Roof Systems® is proud to offer our unique system that enables all homes and institutions to have a genuine slate or handcrafted flat slab clay tile roof. Our signature interlayment system allows you to design projects for your clients using these beautiful, natural, time-tested materials without the added weight and expenses associated with traditional installations, plus:

  • Eliminates up to 40% of the hidden excess material in a conventional installation
  • Achieves the identical aesthetics as traditionally-installed materials
  • Does not require hooks, battens, or rail systems commonly used with other methods
  • Uses traditional nail to the deck system
  • Uses genuine S-1 Grade Vermont slate or handcrafted flat slab clay tile with our impressive warranties

Our patented technique expands your remodeling and new construction markets. No re-engineering or restructuring is needed with SlateTec®; at 9 lbs. per sq. ft., TileTec® will require an engineer’s report and some minor restructuring may or may not be needed.

Our design team will work with you to choose from the wide variety of colors,
textures, and blends to create the ideal roof for your customers.


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while reducing costs and structural requirements.

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Genuine Roof Systems®

Genuine Roof Systems offer natural sophistication. From replacement roofs to new construction, our patented roofing system eliminates roughly 40% of materials needed in a traditional installation. This simple combination of our interlayment system and genuine materials makes for a roof that is easy to install, lighter weight, and cost-effective. And, our impressive warranties give you additional peace of mind that your most treasured asset is protected for a lifetime. We’re proud to offer you a free consultation. Click here to tell us about your project. No roofing contractor? We will work with you to find a reputable contractor in your area.
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