About SlateTec –
providing advanced technology genuine slate roofs

A SlateTec slate roof can be installed on almost any re-roofing project and works great for new construction as well. Our patented slate roof system eliminates roughly 40% of each piece of slate that is normally hidden on a traditional slate roof application. Our signature interlayment replaces the covered slate which reduces the overall weight, so costly structural upgrades can be eliminated while still achieving the same aesthetics of a traditional installation. The savings from this weight reduction, labor, and shipping costs is the true value behind the SlateTec system.

When building a home, the engineering and structural costs for roof weight is dropped approximately 40%. The cost for the two component system is comparable to synthetics, high-end concrete tile, and other lightweight slate roof systems that strive to duplicate a traditional random width slate roof appearance.

The slate supplied with a SlateTec roof is the highest quality S-1 grade stone quarried in Vermont and is delivered directly to the end user. Our signature interlayment is a high quality product that has been time tested on telephone cables and in landfill liners across the country for over fifty years. The testing confirms that a SlateTec slate roof will perform and protect your roof for the same lifespan as a traditional slate roof.

  • SlateTec is designed to be installed on replacement roofs or new construction projects.
    The 1/4” – 3/8” slate weighs less than 6 lbs per sq ft.
    The 3/8” – 1/2” slate weighs less than 9 lbs per sq ft.
  • The SlateTec interlayment is designed to protect against weather and UV deterioration for up to 100 years exposed to the elements.
  • SlateTec can be installed with a standard 8” exposure straight application, or it can be installed with a stagger for a more rustic “old-world” appearance, with or without random widths. The options for slate color and application are endless.

This simple combination of SlateTec interlayment and genuine Vermont slate makes for a roof that is easy to install, lightweight, and cost effective for our customers. Natural elegance at an affordable price is the end result.