Slate Roofs Require Little Maintenence

Because the primary cost of a high-end slate roof can be considerable, it is wise to conduct timely and thorough maintenance. Even though slate is an extremely durable and resistant material, there are several key points to keep an eye … Continued

Installing a Lightweight Slate Roof

Installing a slate roof has remained fundamentally the same procedure for over two century’s. Up until the last ten years or so, there was really only one way to install a slate roof. This was the traditional triple overlap method … Continued

History of Slate Roofing

Here is a brief history of slate roofs, and how they have progressed through time. In Europe the first recorded slate roof was installed in 1287 in North Wales, England. Slate was used on castles and churches because of its … Continued

The Art of Roofing Sales

In the roofing business, it pays to know the client and demonstrate integrity by ensuring job perfection the first time through. When potential customers indicate interest, asking detailed questions about their roofing needs and the state of their current roof … Continued

About SlateTec

SlateTec Inc. is a Denver based company that’s been in the market for over two years. The company is owned by Lakewood CO local Mike McDonough. McDonough has been in the steep slope roofing industry for over thirty years and … Continued

Signs You Need a Roof Repair

Occasionally inspecting the condition of your roof can save you the expense of replacing the entire roof later. If your roof is fifteen years old or more, chances are it needs to be repaired. Look for damaged or moldy shingles, … Continued

Installing a Half-Round Gutter

Chances are you may have to replace the gutters on your home at least once in your lifetime. This article gives step-by-step instructions and pictures for installing a half-round gutter in copper. Kevin Lyons, of Hayden-Lyons Roofs of Distinction, recommends … Continued

Preserving Slate Roofs in Historic Buildings

Most roofs on historic buildings are made of high quality slate. With proper installation, slate roofing lasts anywhere from 60 to 125 years. Quite a few historic buildings are finally looking at replacement roofing. Too often, these beautiful slate roofs … Continued

Guide to Roofing Underlayment

Underlayment is an important component to your roof. It acts as a water barrier between the external roof and the roof structure. Choosing quality materials for your home is vital. Three types of underlayment exist. Felt is the most widely … Continued

Ten Ways to Tell If You Need A New Roof

Inspecting your roof may be one of the last things you think to do regularly. Experts recommend doing a roof inspection every spring and fall. Start in the attic and check for sagging, water damage, dark spots, and outside light … Continued

Choosing a Slate Roof Color: Genuine Vermont Slate

Vermont Slate Slate sourced from Vermont offers some of the most stunning slate roof colors available. SlateTec works with a Vermont slate quarrier, Greenstone Slate to create a beautiful, lightweight, genuine slate roof. Greenstone Vermont Architectural slate is premium S1 … Continued