What are the primary reasons for considering a genuine slate roof?

Benefits of Slate include durability and elegance

There are two fundamental attributes that make genuine slate arguably the best roof you can own – durability and elegance.

Benefits of slate roofs are found far and wide

Slate has been used for hundreds of years on residential properties, but it is also found on church, university, government and other major institutional structures because if its longevity and aesthetics. When a slate roof is installed using the SlateTec Roofing System, these benefits become more affordable. The patented SlateTec Roofing System enables the contractor to use less slate which reduces material cost, labor and the need for structural reinforcement. This also enables the contractor to re-roof homes and buildings that could not support the weight of a traditional slate installation such as those that have cedar shakes.

It is important to note that SlateTec is not a compromise! We use only the highest quality S-1 grade Vermont slate that is backed by a 100-year warranty from our supplier, Greenstone Slate.

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