Will it cost more to replace a cedar shake roof with a genuine slate roof?

cost-of-slate-roofNot in the long run! Yes, slate is a higher-cost material, however, this is offset in two ways. First, when you compare the cost of ownership over the lifetime of the roof, it actually costs less to replace a cedar shake roof with slate because slate lasts up to five times longer. Second, you’ll need less slate when using the SlateTec system compared to traditional slate installations. The “secret” is that the SlateTec system allows for 40% less overlap per slate making it truly a lightweight slate roof.

One major benefit of using slate when replacing a cedar shake roof is the fact that slate won’t rot or grow mold. Often times the reason a cedar shake roof has to be replaced is because the integrity of the roof is compromised by decay. Slate is naturally impervious to rot and cannot grow mold, which also means the roof will last longer and save you money.

When considered among other options, a SlateTec two-component slate roof is highly competitive with other so-called premium roofs, such as synthetics, high-end concrete tile, and other lightweight slate roof systems that strive to duplicate a traditional random width slate roof appearance.

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