Choosing a Vermont Slate Roof Color – Single Color vs. Blends

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne of the most exciting decisions to make when roofing or re-roofing a building with slate is choosing the slate roof color. There are more options to choose from than most people think! You can choose to have a single color slate roof color or create a custom blend with two or even three different colors of slate. Start by browsing our Genuine Vermont Slate color gallery to see the colors we have to offer. Then take a look at our Slate Roof Gallery to get an idea of what type of look you like – single color or blended. If you like the blended look, there are some popular combinations that you can discuss with us or your contractor. Whether you choose a blended or single slate color roof, make sure to take the style, color, and material your house is made of into account, as well as the aesthetics of the landscaping.