slate roof installation using slatetec installation system

SlateTec Installation Instructions

Tools (Recommended)

  • Slate Cutter
  • Slate Hammer
  • Drill + 1/8” Bits For Slate (if needed)
  • Knife Or Scissors For Interlayment
  • Caulking Gun


A 1/4” or 3/8” riser strip can be used on eaves for first course, install drip edge over riser and first course of interlayment over drip edge. Rake Edge: cut interlayment 3/4” from outside edge and add one nail just above slate for added wind protection. (See diagram #1)

After a watertight base roof including all metal flashings, and all underlayments are complete, the roof is ready for SlateTec.

Standard slate length is 12” in random widths, with a required 4” over lap. Interlayment is 18” wide rolls. Install interlayment first over drip edge, then install slate in successive courses with a 4” over lap, fastened with copper nails. 14” slate pieces can be used as a drop down for a staggered appearance. Hip and Ridge also requires a 4” over lap over a 12” strip of interlayment. (3 nail holes are recommended on each ridge piece).



It is the responsibility of the roofing contractor to abide by all local building requirements and codes. SlateTec makes no warranties or guaranties of any type to include the accuracy of the information in this manual. Check your geographic area for special or prevailing code requirements that may require an engineering report.


Download Installation Guide

Final Install

Click here to download PDF of Installation Guide

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Installation Instructions

Pre-finished or copper standard metal flashing.


1: Eave & Rake Style – D

Install 1


2: Valley (Standard)

Install 2


3: Step Flashing (Standard)

Install 3

-Always install interlayment under each course-step flashing and seal step flashing on top of interlayment.

4: Head Wall (Standard)

Install 4

5: Lead or Rigid Pipe Flashing (Painted)

-Always install interlayment under slate on metals.

Install 5

6: Copper Nails For All Slate


(2” nails for 3/8” – 1/2” slate) (1 3/4” nails for 1/4’ – 3/8” slate)

Install 6