Direct Sales vs. Distribution Sales: Better Customer Service is Provided by the Manufacturer

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABuying a product directly from the manufacturer is the most efficient way to get what you pay for in the construction industry. Although most manufacturers are not interested in doing business with the public for one reason or another, this is not the case with SlateTec Inc. If you’re choosing from the wide variety of slate roof products on the market, don’t settle for what your local distributor has in stock and promotes. With a little effort and research, today’s consumer no longer has to go through a local distributor to get reliable product knowledge and choose what option best suits their needs. Here’s why customers prefer to do business with SlateTec rather than middle-man distribution companies:

  • Industry experience and expertise of the manufacturer’s personnel. We’re able to answer questions quickly and accurately.
  • Attention to detail by the manufacturer. We’re not selling hundreds or thousands of different products; we concentrate on just one.
  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANo lengthy distribution company lead-times or mark-ups. Our slate roof system is shipped directly to the end-user.
  • Potential on-site visits for technical assistance on larger projects are possible.
  • More options and benefits. SlateTec gives each customer the personal attention needed to provide a quality lightweight slate roof that is ideally fitted to their needs.
  • Using SlateTec for your re-roof project and taking advantage of direct market pricing will guarantee you a beautiful, genuine slate roof with curb appeal that will last for generations.

Please call us anytime! Our design team can accommodate any custom or standard roofing project and help you choose from the many slate colors and textures available to build the perfect roof for your building.