Every SlateTec Lightweight Genuine Slate Roof is Aesthetically Unique!

SlateTec genuine slate
SlateTec natural Slate

Genuine natural slate roofs, even those of the same single color, show differences in color hues, textures, and shadow lines. This is not only because of differing roof design and geometry but because SlateTec slate is natural stone and not a synthetic imitation. Therefore each natural slate on a roof will have its own characteristics and exhibit a natural elegance that can’t be duplicated (think of fingerprints) and those features will combine to contribute to a unique aesthetic appearance for your home.

SlateTec includes all the design possibilities of a traditionally installed slate roof: random widths, staggered drop-downs, and a variety of color blend combinations. SlateTec’s unique installation system reduces the weight of the slate to less than 6 pounds per square foot (about 40% less than traditional installations) which has made slate an option where it was not practical before, such as for cedar shake replacement.

Why SlateTec for your roof?

  • SlateTec Inc.’s lightweight slate roof application uses natural stone. The character and uniqueness of a heavier traditional slate roof is retained because it is still natural stone. And since it is natural stone it will last just as long as a traditional slate roof.

Our design team can accommodate any custom or standard roofing project and will help you choose from the many options available. See some beautiful homes in the SlateTec genuine slate roof gallery! Call us toll free at 855-752-8383 for a FREE consultation.

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* Slate standards are set by ASTM International, a non-profit, independent organization for standards development for building materials. SlateTec uses Vermont slate that meets the ASTM C406, Grade S1 slate standard. Grade S1 Slate – has an expected service life of more than 75 years.