Our lightweight installation system makes
the elegance and beauty of a genuine slate roof
affordable and easy to install

Our goal is to offer the most simplified, high-quality option for homeowners considering a top-notch roof. Typically a slate roof requires the home to have costly, engineered roof supports in order to safely carry the extra load of the stone. With a SlateTec roof this extra step is completely eliminated due to our patented weight savings system. A SlateTec roof is about 40% less weight than traditionally applied slate roofs. This weight savings transfers into money saved for you, without compromising the quality or aesthetics of the roof. Put side by side, a SlateTec roof looks identical to a traditional slate roof as there are no hooks, battens, or rails that other lightweight systems employ. On top of that, we offer only genuine natural stone, which is what some other companies try to mimic with faux plastic slates. Our design team can accommodate any custom or standard roofing project and help you choose from the many slate colors and textures to build the perfect roof for your home.

For help finding a contractor in your area, please click here and send us some information about your project, including a brief description (size, style, pitch, colors). SlateTec can be installed by any reputable roofing contractor and we pride ourselves in helping you through the process of selecting one.


Test Results

  • Hail Impact: FM 4473: Passed
    1/4” – 3/8” thick slate (class 3, under 6 lbs. Per sq ft)
    3/8” – 1/2 “ thick slate (class 4, under 9 lbs per sq ft)
  • Wind/Rain: TAS 100 A: Passed
    110 MPH Wind/Rain (Dade County Protocol)
  • Fire: Passed all non combustible deck tests.
    Requires fire retardant underlayment to pass ASTM E-108: (Class A)



Hello Mike,


Thank you for coming out to our house as you said you would. The project is still in progress, thanks to some unexpected storms and the need for more copper fabrication. [The installer] is treating our roof like a museum-quality mosaic and laying it out and installing the slate very meticulously. They are working on the front where we can finally see the product without climbing a ladder. I am not sure what adjective would be most appropriate-stunning, gorgeous, spectacular! It has transformed our home. We have had numerous inquiries from neighbors. Keep in touch.


Mary M. (Homeowner), Los Angeles, CA


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