Cedar Shake Roof Replacement

Why replace a cedar shake roof with a genuine slate roof from SlateTec?

  • SlateTec is light weight! You can upgrade to slate without the concern normally associated with a slate roof’s structural support requirements.
  • Competitively priced: SlateTec, compared to synthetics, is similar in cost with twice the lifespan.
  • Return on investment: The value of a home increases with the proper installation of a slate roof because of the longevity of slate.
  • Aesthetics: Slate ages beautifully. Cedar shakes wear out, grow mold and moss, and ultimately leak.
  • Maintenance: With a genuine slate roof installed using SlateTec Roofing system, maintenance is minimal. Cedar shake roof require maintenance to repair damaged and curling shakes which result in roof leaks.
  • Durability: Slate is stone. It tolerates weather and seasonal change with ease. It is  impervious to fungus and mold. Cedar shakes are not and would need to be treated with harsh chemicals such as fire retardant and fungicide.
  • Slate is fireproof: It simply does not burn.
  • Easy installation: no re-engineering or re-structuring of roof is needed when replacing your cedar roof with slate using the SlateTec installation.
  • Environmental impact: A SlateTec slate roof will have a lower impact on the environment compared to cedar shakes, largely due to it’s long life, which is beneficial to landfills.


View our installation video that shows replacement of a cedar shake roof with a SlateTec installed slate roof.