Lightweight Slate Roof

The SlateTec lightweight slate roof system is an innovative approach to installing a genuine slate roof. The secret to the patented SlateTec design is that we employ a very rugged interlayment on the roof deck that allows a 40% reduction in slate tile overlap. Therefore, a SlateTec roof uses far less slate than in a traditional installation. Along with the reduction in roof weight, the system uses 35-40% less slate. The reduction of roof weight (less than six pounds per square foot) also lowers structural costs, contributing further to the system’s high value.

The SlateTec system features genuine S-1 rated Greenstone Slate® in all the colors of Vermont slate.

Important SlateTec benefits:

  • Less than six pounds per square foot
  • Lower slate cost
  • Lower engineering and structural costs
  • Endless options for application including: random widths, color and blends, drop downs, and staggers
  • Direct shipping to end user
  • The highest rated S1 Grade Vermont Slate