SlateTec Offers Customizable Slate Color Blends to Match Building’s Exterior

layafette st 014The roof of a building is often the focal point of the exterior and it should accent the trim and design of the property, increasing the overall appearance and beauty. For re-roofing projects, SlateTec is the preferred natural slate solution due to its patented lightweight properties that typically make structural modifications unnecessary for most buildings. SlateTec is also the ideal lightweight slate roofing system for blending a multitude of natural colors and textures, to produce most any genuine slate roof style imaginable. And here’s why…

  • SlateTec offers each one of our customers the time and exclusivity required to produce a roof perfectly suited to those individual’s needs.
  • Being able to blend various colors of slate will enable the owner to coordinate different hues, shades, and textures into the roof to match the exterior design of the building, raising the value of the property.
  • With up to nine Classic Vermont S1 Grade slate colors to choose from, the options for specific color blends are virtually endless.

slate roof color blends

  • Unlike other types of roofing products which require the use of just one color, or offer only a few select color blends, a SlateTec slate roof is truly customizable and allows the owner to choose from all of our natural slate colors/textures to create a unique color blend. Just like a traditional slate installation.
  • Using SlateTec for your re-roof project and taking advantage of our custom color blending capabilities will guarantee you a beautiful genuine slate roof with elegance and curb appeal that will last a lifetime.

Please call us anytime! Our design team can accommodate any custom or standard roofing project and help you choose from the many slate colors and textures available to build the perfect roof for your building.

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