What makes a slate roof installed using the SlateTec installation method a “greener” alternative to my existing cedar shake roof?


There are multiple reasons why a slate roof, installed using the SlateTec Roofing System, is the better green roof solution over cedar shake, asphalt, and other manufactured roofing materials.

Slate is a naturally green roofing material

Slate is easy on the environment because it is already part of the environment — it is natural stone and not manufactured from other materials. And thanks to nature, it happens to be stone that naturally separates into tiles of consistent thicknesses, with a little help from the craftsman who hand splits it.


A slate roof outlasts any other roof. S-1 rated slate tiles  can easily last more than 100 years on a roof. Therefore, slate keeps the waste that would be created by multiple roof replacements (such as cedar shake and asphalt roofs) in the lifetime of one slate roof, out of landfills. Even when a slate roof is removed or replaced, the slate can be reused on another roof or other purposes such as material for roadbeds. There are  no environmental hazards in slate “waste”.

Slate needs no chemical treatments

Slate is fireproof and naturally impervious to fungus and mold – there isn’t a need for any chemical treating. Cedar shakes are not naturally fireproof or resistant to mold and fungus and are often treated with harsh chemicals such as fire retardant and fungicide.

A SlateTec installed slate roof environmental benefits

Installing slate using the SlateTec Roofing System provides additional environmental benefits when compared to a cedar shake roof. The SlateTec signature interlayment is a high quality product that outlasts other roof installation methods. It has been time tested in other industries that require durability including telephone cable protection and in landfill liners. When all these facts are considered, a SlateTec installed slate roof is an ideal green roof solution.

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