How a SlateTec Advanced Technology Slate Roof Surpasses Traditional Slate Roof

SlateTec Waterproof InterlaymentFor centuries slate roofs have been considered some of the highest quality and most beautiful roofs in existence. Slate roofs have withstood the test of time all around the world, remaining fully functional for a century or more. There is no question that slate is one of the few materials chosen for the high-end, custom home consumer. The installation of a slate roof has not been challenged for over five hundred years, until now.

SlateTec Inc. is the first company to offer a genuine slate roof that retains all of the best qualities of a traditional installation while adding modern day technology to lower roof weight and prevent leaks more efficiently. A SlateTec lightweight slate roof weighs close to forty percent less than a traditional slate roof at less than six pounds per square foot. The cost to re-engineer an existing home to support the extra weight of a traditional slate roof is completely eliminated. This is accomplished by SlateTec Inc.’s patented interlayment technology that provides an additional level of water protection that traditional slate roofs don’t offer. For example, if a piece of slate were to break or fall out of place, a SlateTec roof’s interlayment system will simply shed water onto the slate course below — preventing leaks and the resulting damage — until the stone can be replaced. With a traditionally installed slate roof, moisture would penetrate into the roof deck and into the building.

SlateTec Finished RoofThe SlateTec system is a fresh approach to an old, well proven roofing method. SlateTec offers all of the benefits of a traditional slate roof including its renowned beauty, its unsurpassed longevity, and its countless installation options like random widths, drop-downs, and color combinations. The water-tightness of the Slatetec patented interlayment system, that protects your home where a traditional slate roof can fail, along with the reduced weight that reduces structural requirements, is what makes a SlateTec roof stand out. SlateTec’s reduced weight has successfully made slate an option where it was not possible before—not only without compromise but actually improving on the traditional method. Seeing is believing! Visit the SlateTec genuine slate roof gallery here!


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