SlateTec Lightweight Genuine Slate Roofs Vs. Faux Slate and other Lightweight Slate Roof Installation Methods

lightweight-slate-install-methodAt SlateTec we use only the highest quality, natural, S1 grade slate quarried in Vermont. Our lightweight slate roof system is easy to install because we use the same tried-and-true “nail-down” method proven to be highly efficient and effective by centuries of use on traditional slate roofs. From an aesthetic point of view, our “nail down” application is superior in quality and appearance to both synthetic faux slate look-a-likes and the metal “hook and rail” lightweight slate roof systems.

One popular lightweight slate system competitor uses less overall roof slate by implementing a “hook and rail” system that essentially hangs small pieces of slate on metal hooks to form a grid like pattern. The point of this system is to lower overall roof weight while still using natural slate, but there are some definite drawbacks to this particular installation technique. First of all, installing this hook and rail slate roof is very time consuming. The installer is required to put down a “hook and rail” grid over the entire roof deck for every course of slate. Then each piece of slate is slid into its designated position where it rests on two metal hooks and each piece needs two hooks at its base for the system to function properly. The “hook and rail” system installer must hook the slate in from top of the roof to the bottom because the roof will not be walk-able once the pieces are installed. Secondly, unlike a SlateTec lightweight slate roof—which offers a true random width application and the option for staggered two-inch drop-downs—this “hook and rail” type of roof system offers only one 12-inch slate width option. This severely limits a variety of classic, timeless options that beautiful slate roofs are renowned for.

In addition to using inefficient, limited installation techniques, some competitors use inferior (not S1) slate imported from Asia and South America or manufactured faux slate to keep overall roof weight and cost low. No matter what installation method is used, inferior slate won’t last as long and won’t be as aesthetically pleasing as SlateTec’s S1 Vermont slate.

So we would ask you this one question: which lightweight slate roof system do you think would be the best fit for your overall needs? If you would prefer easy installation, uninhibited design options, and superior American slate unmatched in quality and beauty, consider a SlateTec Lightweight Genuine Slate roof.

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