Can a synthetic slate roof truly compare to a natural slate roof?

photo for Slatetec postSynthetic slate manufacturers often make the point that a synthetic slate roof gives you all the benefits of a natural slate roof. We’d like you to consider these points about a SlateTec genuine slate roof:

  1. There are certain benefits of natural stone that manufactured materials have never been able to achieve: Durability and longevity of service and appearance. These benefits have given slate its impeccable reputation as the finest roof you can put on a building – residential or institutional. And no material retains its aesthetic appeal better than natural stone. When the time comes to sell your property, there will be no question that a genuine slate roof will be immediately recognized as a valuable selling point.
  2. While SlateTec retains the benefits of natural stone, its signature interlayment enhances the natural stone installation—without adding to the cost.
  3. The patented SlateTec System interlayment is a very durable material that supports and enhances the slate installation. It provides a strong barrier against moisture and prevents it from getting underneath the slate. The roof will not leak even if a piece of slate has become dislodged or broken. This makes the water tightness of a SlateTec roof simply unmatched.
  4. While traditional slate roofs are heavy, SlateTec slate roofs are lightweight. A SlateTec roof weighs less than 6 lbs per square foot, which means that the structural support is no different than any roof, which makes SlateTec a great choice for cedar shake replacement, because no additional support is needed.
  5. A genuine slate roof can easily last twice as long as a synthetic slate roof. The idea of replacing an imitation slate, synthetic slate or faux slate roof once, twice or more during the lifespan of a single genuine slate roof is likely to make the genuine slate roof a better value.
  6. Hold a piece of our genuine 1/4″ to 3/8″ quarried stone in one hand and a piece of synthetic slate in the other. You’ll be able to feel the difference and immediately understand why a SlateTec slate roof is the better “deal”, for now and for the long term.

When comparing the true benefits of genuine slate to synthetics, it becomes clear that genuine slate is the ultimate choice for a roof. Otherwise, there would not be so many folks trying to imitate it! Now, with the advanced technology of the SlateTec system, a genuine slate roof is a better value than ever.

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