Upgrade Your Home: Re-Roof with Genuine Slate this Spring

Spring is here. If your cedar shake or asphalt shingle roof is old and worn out, why not replace it with 100% natural slate using the SlateTec Lightweight Slate Roof System? In most re-roof cases, the existing roof structure of a home can’t support the added weight of a ‘traditionally’ installed slate roof without costly structural enhancements. That’s not the case with SlateTec Inc. which offers a genuine ‘nail-down’ slate roof that’s not only lightweight, durable, and beautiful but also a smart investment for any property.

A SlateTec Lightweight Slate Roof weighs approximately 40% less than a ‘traditionally’ installed slate roof and put side by side a SlateTec Slate Roof looks identical because there are no hooks or rail systems holding our slate in place. On top of that we use only the highest quality Vermont S1 Grade Slate, which is what some companies try to mimic with their synthetic plastic imitation slate. So by eliminating the need for costly structural engineering, the weight savings on a SlateTec Lightweight Slate Roof transfers into money saved for you without compromising the quality or aesthetics of the roof.

Don’t settle for anything but the best when it comes to your home. Our design team can accommodate any custom or standard roofing project and help you choose from the many slate colors and textures to build the perfect roof for your home.

This roof has been upgraded from cedar shakes to a SlateTec genuine slate roof. A SlateTec slate roof is a smart investment for any property.

SlateTec Inc. provides a genuine ‘nail-down’ slate roof (shown here with snow guards). Lightweight, durable, beautiful!

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