Will a slate roof installed with the SlateTec Roofing System enhance a home’s value?

slate-roof-value-to-home2Yes, a slate roof installed using the SlateTec Roofing System will enhance a home’s value. Slate roofs enjoy a well-established reputation as the very best roof available. This alone will enhance the value of your property.

There are two fundamental attributes that give slate its reputation – durability and elegance. No other material lasts as long, and there is practical evidence (not projections) to prove this. While the elegance of a slate roof is a much more subjective attribute, the reputation and respect for slate is really irrefutable. There are thousands of examples of slate use in some of the most exquisite structures ever built.

Using a SlateTec Roofing System creates a unique advantage for an already valuable roofing solution: cost effectiveness. SlateTec’s patented design means there is almost never a need to enhance roof structure support when replacing a wood shake roof with a SlateTec genuine slate roof as a SlateTec slate roof is roughly the same weight! Any building can now be enhanced with the dignified look of a slate roof without the structural concerns. And the best part? There are no sacrifices in aesthetics in spite of its lighter weight and reduced expense.


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