Lower Homeowner Insurance with a New Roof

It is often possible to lower homeowner insurance rates or premiums with a new roof. Many homeowners dread the day they’ll have to replace their existing roof because it’s such a large expense. However, nothing lasts forever, particularly something that is constantly exposed to the weather elements. The good news is, replacing your roof will not only improve the function, aesthetics, and energy consumption, and safety of your home, but could also result in paying less for homeowners insurance. Read on to learn how replacing your roof can lower your homeowner’s insurance.

You might have heard that you can decrease the amount you pay in homeowners insurance by replacing your roof. In general, this is usually true, just as it is to upgrade your home’s security. Think about it this way, the better your home is equipped, the less you’ll have to pay in insurance rates. For instance, a new roof will better withstand extreme weather, whereas an old roof might succumb.

A new roof will better protect your home and your valuables and provide many more years of comfort and safety. Hence, this will lower your homeowner’s insurance premiums. You can expect to pay, on average, about 20% less per year. While this discount amount may not be applicable to every situation, a new roof will almost surely lower your homeowner’s insurance expenses. Be sure to speak with your agent to learn what types of materials are best suited to give you the deepest discount.

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