Caring For a Slate Tile Roof

Although slate tile roofs are known as forever roofs. This doesn’t mean they require no maintenance whatsoever. Sure, slate tile requires very little care and attention, but still needs a little TLC now and again. Because slate tile is such a unique material, maintenance must only be performed periodically and it isn’t like caring for a metal, shingle, or another type of roof. Read on to learn more about how to take care of a slate tile roof.

Caring for a slate tile roof involves a gentle touch and a keen eye. For instance, unlike metal or regular tile, you cannot use a pressure washer on a slate tile. Doing so will likely cause damage, which can range from mild to severe. Part of the maintenance of a sleigh tile roof requires replacing any damaged or missing tiles right away.

Other than that, you need to inspect and empty the gutters (if so equipped) at least twice a year or as much as every quarter. Other than this, caring for slate tile simply involves a bit of a general touch, using a medium bristled brush and regular household cleaners.

Avoid using hard bristle brushes, harsh chemicals, and a power or pressure washer. Clean your slate tile roof by hand instead. Or, rely on a professional roofing service with experience in this type of material. Do not allow someone to perform any maintenance on your slate tile roof unless they have ample experience in the installation and care of this material.

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