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Synthetic Roofing Slate Pt.1 Weight Savings

Fact Checking: Synthetic Roofing Slate Pt.1

Synthetic slate manufacturers claim: “Lighter than natural stone: this makes it possible to install the material on roofs that would not be able to support the heavy weight of the real stone. [Synthetics] do not require any additional structural support.”  link here
SlateTec responds:  Lighter than traditionally installed natural stone, SlateTec weighs less than six pounds per square foot: this makes it possible to install genuine slate on roofs that would not be able to support the heavy weight of the traditionally installed stone. SlateTec does not require any additional structural support.

Here are a few points to consider regarding weight savings and natural slate roofs:

-Our Lightweight Slate Roof System uses only the highest quality slate available, Vermont S1 Grade Stone. Check out the Greenstone Slate quarry here:

-A SlateTec Genuine Slate Roof weighs less than six pounds per square foot! So no additional structural engineering is required.

-Our Slate Roofs are equal in form and function to that of a traditional slate roof installation. We cut roof weight, we don’t cut corners.

-The SlateTec Patented Interlayment is weaved into every course of slate creating a powerful leak barrier. This provides protection from leaks even if a piece of slate is missing.

-We offer all of the classic slate colors and color blends available on traditional installations. We also provide hand-picked custom color blends to match any style of home. See our color page here: Colors

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-Our Lightweight System is easy to install and requires no special training or certificates. You can use a roofer of your choice or we can help you find one.

Do not settle for anything but the best for your project. Our design team can accommodate any custom or standard roofing plan. Call us anytime with questions and to discuss your project. We will help you choose from the many slate colors and options to build the perfect roof for your project. Fill out our free consultation form here, or contact us at 1-855-752-8383.

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