How Long do Slate Roof Tiles Last?

How long do slate tile roofs last? It’s a very often asked question to people who are either replacing an existing covering or people who are building their own custom home. Regardless of the scenario, you’ll have several choices, including shingle, metal, ceramic tile, and natural slate tile. Of course, not all of these are the same, varying in quality and price. Read on to learn more about how long slate tile roofs last.

The answer to the question of how long slate tile roofs last is basically forever. In fact, slate tile roofs are referred to as forever roofs, because they can easily outlast the structure which they cover. That’s not exactly an exaggeration. Slate tile rose can last for up to 150 years. Whereas other roofing materials have much shorter lifespans.

For example, shingle roofs, perhaps the most common type of roof covering, will generally last about 20 years. Meanwhile, tile roofs will last approximately 30 years. Metal roofs are among the best performers in the lower quality grades, lasting approximately 50 years.

Of course, quality is not the only consideration. Though sleep tile roofs last far longer than any other material, they also outperform other roof coverings in another key category. That category is maintenance. Sleep tile roofs require very little care and attention, particularly compared to shingles and regular tiles. They also require less upkeep than metal.

Plus, slate tile is so superior, it is considered one of the best return on investments. Slate tile actually helps to increase a home’s value, precisely because of its longevity, light maintenance, and high-quality look.

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