Investment Advantages Of Slate Tile Roof

The investment advantages of slate tile roofs aren’t necessarily self-evident. But, when these benefits are laid out in detail, they become readily apparent. In fact, they provide several compelling reasons for replacing any existing roofing or when building new construction. These advantages are the reasons why slate roofs are popular among the most discerning homeowners. So, let’s take a look at the investment benefits of slate roofing and why it’s such a good choice.

The investment advantages of slate tile roofs are very persuasive because they actually deliver on their promises. For example, slate roofs are long-lasting. So much, so that they are known as the “forever roof,” precisely because this material has a lifespan of about a century or more. Here are four of the top reasons why slate tile roofs are a good investment for homeowners:

  1.  Slate tile roofs increase curb appeal. Appearance is a big, big deal. In fact, any experienced and high-value real estate developer or broker knows this. They understand that a property that looks its best sells faster and for more money than its most comparable properties. This is due to the fact that people form an impression of property in only about 7 to 10 seconds. And, only 1 out of 10 people can imagine a house in a way other than it is presented.
  2.  Slate tile roofs add value to a home. Practically any new roof will add value to a residential property. But, some materials deliver a bigger bang for the buck. Shingle roofs offer the least, ceramic tile much more, and slate tile definitely delivers the highest return on investment, no question about it.
  3.  Slate tile roofs don’t require heavy maintenance. The problem with lower-quality roofing materials is that they require more routine maintenance and upkeep, which costs time and money. Not to mention, a shorter time to total replacement, which can be as little as ten years with shingle. Whereas slate tile can last upward of one hundred years or even longer.
  4.  Slate tile roofs won’t need to be replaced for the life of the home. Speaking of longevity, that’s another huge advantage – you likely won’t have to worry about replacing a slate tile roof for as long as you own your home. (It will probably last for much longer.)

As you can plainly see, there are some very good investment advantages of having slate tile for a roof.

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