Reduce Homeowner Insurance With A SlateTec Roof

Reduce homeowner insurance with a SlateTec roof. Yep; it’s possible. And, there are some very good reasons that you could get a discount when you install this type of roofing system. Actually, the answers are fairly straightforward, and even obvious when you understand some fundamental basics. So, read on to learn more about how to reduce homeowners insurance with a SlateTec roof. 

To reduce homeowner’s insurance with a SlateTec roof, you’ll need to know a little about the system and how indemnity companies work. First and foremost, a roof is a key component of any house. In fact, it’s one of the most important systems in any residential property. Therefore, insurance companies put a lot of emphasis on the material, age, and condition of a roof, something any homeowner has definitely learned and first-time home buyers find out.

Why Your Roof is So Very Important to Your Insurance Provider

So, just Why is your roof so very important to your homeowner’s insurance company? Well, the answer is simple – your roof is responsible for keeping the property in good condition, repelling rain, and wind, and in cold climates, snow and ice. Basically, because the roof keeps the interior of the property in livable and functional condition, it’s really an important structure to any insurance carrier.

What Factors about a Roof Affect Your Homeowner’s Insurance 

The three primary factors that are most important about a roof to an insurance provider are its material, age, and condition. So, if you have a high-quality roofing system, such as SlateTec, that alone is a very positive thing. And, since this technology lasts for much longer than other types of roofing materials, its age will not be as big a factor. Plus, since SlateTec is designed to be so long-lasting, it stays in good condition for a much longer time.

How Much Will a New Roof Lower Insurance Premiums?

This really depends on a number of things, including the size of your home, its age and condition, and the type of roof that you install. Generally speaking, homeowners who install a new roof can expect a discount ranging from 5% up to 35%, with most homeowners receiving on average, a discount of about 20% on their homeowner’s insurance.

As you can plainly see, there are some very good reasons to choose SlateTec for a new roof, not only to beautify your home and give it many more years of life but also, to get a nice insurance discount.

Genuine Roof Systems®

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