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Is Natural Slate Roofing on the Decline?

An Industry Split in Two:

The Lightweight Slate Roofing industry is now well developed, and there are many companies offering a multitude of products. They all claim to be the “best alternative to traditional slate roofing”. There are two main categories within this industry. You have the synthetic slate manufacturers; synthetic plastic look-alikes. Then you have lightweight natural slate application methods; natural stone installed in a way that lowers its weight. Obviously both have their pros and cons. Let’s look at the latter of the two to distinguish the high-quality roofing slates from the… not so good roofing slates. We’ll look at how the slate is graded, and tell you what you need to know about the roofing slate you’re buying.

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Grading Slate and What it Means for Durability:

SlateTec Lightweight Slate Roofing only comes from globally recognized quarries like Greenstone Slate in Vermont, USA. This Vermont Roofing Slate meets the ASTM C406 -S1 Grade Rating. S1 is the highest grade possible through direct independent testing by the National Slate Association. SlateTec slate has all the physical characteristics of the best quality slate available world-wide. Other quarries often supply inferior slate that’s graded S2 or S3. These ratings are far less suited as a long-term roofing material. A rating can tell you what kind of lifespan to expect from the stone over time. An S1 rated SlateTec Lightweight Slate Roof is expected to have a useful lifespan from 75 to 300+ years. See our SlateTec 100 Year Warranty statement to learn more about how we stand behind our product and manufacturing process.

To learn more about the ASTM or American Society for Testing and Materials, click here: Learn more…

Genuine Roof Systems®

Genuine Roof Systems offer natural sophistication. From replacement roofs to new construction, our patented roofing system eliminates roughly 40% of materials needed in a traditional installation. This simple combination of our interlayment system and genuine materials makes for a roof that is easy to install, lighter weight, and cost-effective. And, our impressive warranties give you additional peace of mind that your most treasured asset is protected for a lifetime. We’re proud to offer you a free consultation. Click here to tell us about your project. No roofing contractor? We will work with you to find a reputable contractor in your area.
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