Slate Roof Lifespan

Slate Roof Lifespan

Natural slate roofs are well known to have a lifespan of hundreds of years with little to no maintenance. There are slate roofs today, still functioning, that are multiple centuries old.

On the other hand, even with proper maintenance, wood-shake, asphalt shingle, and concrete tile roofs are known to last only 20 or 30 years before needing to be completely replaced.

Natural slate roofing that meets the S1 Grade through direct independent testing by the National Slate Association, is the highest grade slate possible and will have the longest lifespan of nearly any roofing material available.

S1 rated roofing slate is warrantied to last 100 years but it’s expected to last even longer. In fact, S1 slate has all the best physical characteristics of the highest quality roofing material in general worldwide.

That’s not to say there isn’t inferior slate being used on roofs. A slate rating or grade can tell you a lot about what kind of lifespan you can expect from the stone over time. A slate that’s graded S2 or S3, is far less suited as a long-term roofing solution compared to S1, and is often sold at a far cheaper price.

The reason high-grade S1 roofing slate lasts so long is simple, it’s a naturally non-porous material, that perfectly splits into tile-sized pieces. S2 and S3 rated slate in not 100% non-porous. S1 slate is totally impermeable to moisture penetration of any kind. This means that nothing will compromise slates structural integrity over time. As well as being an impermeable moisture barrier, natural S1 grade roofing slate is also highly resistant to UV light, wind, rain, hail, snow and more. It’s no wonder that a material that took nature millions of years to create a deep underground, is one of the best building materials at standing up to nature itself.

It’s also no surprise that slate roofing has been one of the oldest and most time-tested forms of roofing worldwide for centuries.

Put side by side a SlateTec Slate Roof looks identical because there are no hooks holding our slate in place. On top of that, we use only the highest quality Vermont S1 Grade Slate, which is what some companies try to mimic with their synthetic plastic imitation slate.

By eliminating the need for costly structural engineering, the weight savings on a SlateTec Lightweight Slate Roof transfers into money saved for you without compromising the quality or aesthetics of the roof.

Don’t settle for anything but the best when it comes to your home. Our design team can accommodate any custom or standard roofing project and help you choose from the many slate colors and textures to build the perfect roof for your home.

Genuine Roof Systems®

Genuine Roof Systems offer natural sophistication. From replacement roofs to new construction, our patented roofing system eliminates roughly 40% of materials needed in a traditional installation. This simple combination of our interlayment system and genuine materials makes for a roof that is easy to install, lighter weight, and cost-effective. And, our impressive warranties give you additional peace of mind that your most treasured asset is protected for a lifetime. We’re proud to offer you a free consultation. Click here to tell us about your project. No roofing contractor? We will work with you to find a reputable contractor in your area.
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