Slate Tec Roofs Explained

Slate Tec roofs offer a number of advantages over other roofing materials. The biggest benefits are beautiful aesthetics, unparalleled longevity, low maintenance requirements, and also, lightweight. Of course, the first three advantages are self-evident, while the fourth might not be immediately apparent. So, read on to learn more about Slate Tec roofs and why they are superior to other types of materials.

Slate Tec roofs offer some of the best modern technology has to offer. However, it’s manufactured with natural sedimentary rock. The material is created from a fine grain of the said rock, which makes the material more environmentally friendly than other kinds of roofing, such as metal. In order to understand how superior Slate Tec roofs are, let’s compare them with other roofing materials.

Shingle roofing is the least expensive. Though it’s economical, it won’t last as long, requires significant maintenance, and doesn’t offer the same level of aesthetics. The same is true for tile, with the exception that it will last about three times or as much as four times longer. Then, there’s metal, which lasts even longer, than the other two (by 4x to 5x). However, that’s still substantially less than Slate Tec.

For example, shingles will last about 15 years. Tile will last about 50 years, and metal will last for approximately 70 years. But, Slate Tec will last over a century, which is more than one hundred years. Meaning, Slate Tec has the greatest longevity. It also is the most visually appealing,  plus it requires little maintenance and is lightweight, which is less stressful on the roof structure itself.

Genuine Roof Systems®

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