Fact Checking: Synthetic Roofing Slate Pt.2

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Synthetic slate roofing manufacturers claim: “If [synthetic] slates are not stored flat and become twisted or curled, lay them flat in a warm place and they will return to their original flatness.” link here   Slatetec Responds: Three words: Hot windy days. SlateTec uses only the highest quality Vermont S1 grade slate, which will never fade, warp, […]

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Fact Checking: Synthetic Roofing Slate Pt.1

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Synthetic slate manufacturers claim: “Lighter than natural stone: this makes it possible to install the material on roofs that would not be able to support the heavy weight of real stone. [Synthetics] do not require any additional structural support.”  link here   SlateTec responds:  Lighter than traditionally installed natural stone, SlateTec weighs less than six […]

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SlateTec: Natural Slate That's Just Right for the New-Construction Market

Patented interlayment is designed to protect against weather and UV deterioration

If your dream home is in the design/build phase, the SlateTec Lightweight Slate Roof System is the ideal roof solution for you. New construction homes can save time and money by eliminating the extra material, labor, and engineering that’s required to support the weight of a traditionally installed slate roof. Vacantele sunt pentru el o ocazie de a face dovada unei virilitati […]

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Genuine Roof Systems®

Genuine Roof Systems offer natural sophistication. From replacement roofs to new construction, our patented roofing system eliminates roughly 40% of materials needed in a traditional installation. This simple combination of our interlayment system and genuine materials makes for a roof that is easy to install, lighter weight, and cost-effective. And, our impressive warranties give you additional peace of mind that your most treasured asset is protected for a lifetime. We’re proud to offer you a free consultation. Click here to tell us about your project.

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